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space where it will be a tricky point who pays for drinks. 2070, while predictions of the future can never be absolutely certain, its a safe bet that after the Singularitya technical term for the point in the future after which everyone will be singlethe only surviving humans on HD 40307g will be bred in captivity,. Programs on your phone will decide for you when and where to dateand also who, based on their browsing history. Matchmaking robots will be the sole inhabitants of Japan, as the rest of the population will have died out from the demographic impacts of low birth rates, fan fiction, and the preference for virtual sex partners with tentacles. 2040, everyone will be able to stalk everyone else at all times and without leaving the office. I will check my phone incessantly. Each story is followed by a letter received by the office of Ray Charles at various dates throughout 1999. Filters guaranteeing youre never exposed to opinions not shared by your friends will now ensure you never date anyone exposed to those opinions.

However their online avatars will continue to have vibrant inter-dimensional sex livesindeed, to some extent this is already happening. An hour and forty-three minutes later you and Aiden will arrive, and Aiden will be tall and toned and will have a hemp necklace. If you are ever not on a date, sensors will detect this from your saccadic eye patterns and direct your smartshoes to the optimal place for another hookup. Unfortunately, by this time, neither you nor your date will be able to remember what the purpose of dating was either. You will introduce us, and he will cock his head up in that really confident way that I cant, but I will have already extended my shaky, clammy hand and it will hang there for fucking ever until he finally extends his in a way.

And then you will emerge, and I will stand there panicked and utterly lost, and I will beg you to please speak with me outside, just you and me, and you will, but by now you will have an impatient urgency to your voice,. 2060, cheap teleportation will transform dating culture, as most of Earths human population moves to the exoplanet HD 40307g. 2030, if two peoples profiles are compatible, their phones will start sexting each other automaticallythis will trigger at least one major international conflict. Table OF contents, chloe Hooper - The Tall Man "Traveling to Palm Island the pale green sea is so radiant and so fecund, and the plane flies so close to it, you see seals, and what might be dugongs and giant turtles.". And my facade will crack, and I will become angry, and I will say I love you, and Aiden will appear, and he will tell me that this is none of my business. After striking futurists smash all the cryogenics pods, to protest the invention of the crystal ball, that cute person you gave your phone number to last week and you will be unfrozen and set free to wander through the ruins of civilization, suffering from nothing. A rash of group marriages, caused by some particularly aggressive changes in default privacy settings, will lead to Facebook being universally banned except among a few thousand cultists in an Appalachian hideaway. Compatibility analytics visualization software will become so trippy that many will elect to just stay indoors alone trying to game their Gregariosocial Lovescore Rank. Earth will be ruled by dolphins, except for the few unsubmerged land areas dominated by self-replicating 3D printers that sometimes wear humans as fashion accessories. The attractiveness of the soulmate youre assigned will be proportional to the number of advertisements you agree to watch first. Meanwhile robot academics will follow you along the beachthis is because the original purpose of dating has been completely forgotten, and the robots hope observing you will garner clues that will help them solve this problem and publish articles about it in robot-reviewed publications. One morning you will suddenly call and ask me to hang out with you at the coffee shop at around noon.

Your household appliances will tweet constantly about your relationship statusif they ever stop this, you will feel unaccountably melancholy. james Warners novel, All Her Fathers Guns, is available at your local bookseller. You will then say, Ill be there really soon but is it OK if Aiden comes? Arent you going to say hello to me?".

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